Wild Acres

The undersigned LESSOR hereby leases to the undersigned LESSEE the premises known as “Wild Acres” at 57 Youngs Road, Southport ME, 04576, for the period from _______________ at 2:00 PM until _______________ at 10:00 AM., at which time the premises shall have been vacated and left in clean condition, with the understanding between the parties that time is of the essence in this agreement.

The RENTAL AMOUNT is $2,850.00  per week.  LESSOR acknowledges receipt of a deposit of 50% ($____________) of the rental amount.  The balance of $____________ (plus applicable tax of $__________) along with a SECURITY DEPOSIT of $300.00, i.e. a total amount of $____________, is due before arrival.

The security deposit will be returned at the termination of this lease provided the premises are in the same condition as upon arrival, however, not before LESSOR has received the telephone bill for the premises for the respective time period.

LESSEE shall be responsible for any breakage, damage or missing property, and must compensate LESSOR for the same.  Should LESSEE be in default with any payments, including telephone charges or compensation for damage or missing property, he waives claim to the above deposit as liquidated damages.

Occupancy is limited to family or friends of the LESSEE, with not more than 9 (nine) people to occupy the premises.

The premises shall not be sublet.  LESSOR shall be responsible for all personal property brought in by LESSOR or his company, and the use of such property shall be at the sole risk of LESSOR and his company.

LESSOR will pay for utilities, including charges for ordinary domestic phone calls.  LESSEE will be responsible for charges for other phone calls, including international calls and charge calls.  LESSOR or his representative or agent may enter at reasonable times to inspect, repair or show the premises.   No pets are allowed on the premises without written permission.

LESSEE:  __________________________   LESSOR:  __________________________

SIGNATURES: ___________________________       ___________________________

DATE:      __________________________    DATE:     __________________________

LESSEE’S ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________


LESSEE’S TEL #:_________________   EMAIL: _______________________________


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